A while back, Autodesk purchased the software company Boss Intl. This purchase was made to up the ante on the H&H tools available for it’s customers. Today, the first fruits of this acquisition are made available for Autodesk customers. If you have Civil 3D or Map 3D 20102011, and you are on subscription, you can download the Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis 2011 Extension from the subscription website.

Now, what follows is purely speculative on my part. This is most likely, just the first thing we will see from this acquisition. Boss is a big time player in not just storm and sewer analysis, but also in water distribution analysis and river analysis. Just like when Autodesk purchased Intellisolve and we got the Hydraflow tools, expect this to eventually be a part of the program and, I suspect, to be integrated more and more into it.