The idea for this post comes from an email from a client. Matthew has a large Reinforced Concrete Box (RCB) storm sewer system running down a street with inlets adjacent to it. For this project, they aren’t putting in a structure each time an inlet connects to the RCB, they’re just going to cut a hole in the side of the box, and attach the pipe from the inlet. The question then comes, how do you display where the pipes connect to the RCB in the profile view of the mainline?

The following video will show you the steps. For a summary of what I did, scroll past the video.

The basic process here is to create a null structure that will be displayed in the profile view as the outline of the pipe and then draw the null structures in the profile view. The video shows how I set up the styles.

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Here’s an issue I ran into recently. A client of mine was creating profile views for his sheets and noticed that the grade labels where always at the midpoint of the line. The problem with this is if less then half of the line was being displayed in the profile view, there was no label to display! So, after thinking about it for a few moments, I came up with a solution.

The Problem

By default, when a grade label is placed on the tangent line of a profile it is placed at the midpoint of the line. If you are using only one profile view for the entire profile, this is no big deal at all. However, if you have your profile split up into multiple views, the grade label for the line will only show up if the midpoint of the line is within the station range of the profile view.


One profile line, three profile views, one label

I don’t want this, I want the grade label to show up in ALL profile views regardless of how long the line is. So, here’s the solution.


The Solution

Here’s what I came up with, if I attach the label to the feature, my only options are to attach it at the beginning, middle, or end of the line. Well, I want it to be half way between the start of the line in the view and the end of the line in the view so, create line that goes from those two points.


Create line within label style

The basics of this line is you want it to anchor the start and end to the feature (in this case, the feature is the line) and you want it to start where the line starts in the profile view (Anchor Tangent Start in View) and end where the line ends in the profile view (Anchor Tangent End in View). I don’t necessarily want to see the line in the profile view so set the visibility to “False”.


Now, we have something that will always be drawing in our profile view if there is a line in the view and now I can attach the label to the middle of that line.


Attach label to the middle of the line

Once this is done, if the profile view has even the smallest bit of the line being displayed, the line will be labeled.


One profile line, three profile views, three labels

Will I provide you with a drawing that contains this label style? Nah. It’s pretty simple. Just go create it yourself!

So, Friday I was teaching a class on creating styles in Civil 3D. I was showing off how to set up profile vertical curve labels so that when they run off the profile view, they still display correctly. My student asked if it’s possible to have a double arrow when the start or end of the curve is off the profile view. Well, I wasn’t sure how to go about this but, I figured it out. Read on to find out how to do this. (more…)