One of the advantages to having my own blog is every once in a while I can post something that I feel very strongly about.  My son Andrew has Mosaic Down’s Syndrome which is a partial Down’s Syndrome.  He is intellectually challenged but is a great kid!  I recently came across this website and I would like to challenge every one of you to remove the words “retard” and “retarded” from your vocabulary.  These two words are extremely hurtful to those that are intellectually challenged and those that love them.  I’ve even seen professionals in the Autodesk discussion groups use these words.  The group of people that are hurt by the use of these words are some of the nicest, most loving people on the planet and to hurt them in this fashion is not only inexcusable but cowardly.  If you would like some more information on this cause, I’m including a link to in this site and I will keep it there until I’ve gone a year without hearing it.  Thanks for listening and don’t worry, I will get back to posting about Civil 3D shortly.