Things are a bit different this year with how classes will be chosen for Autodesk University 2017, you get a say in it! All the proposed classes are up on the Autodesk website for you, yes you, to vote on! Is there a class you really want to see this year? Go find it and vote it up. The voting isn’t the only method that will be used to determine a class, but it will be one factor that is looked at when choosing the classes.

If you would like to see me at AU this coming year, feel free to vote for my classes. Just go to the AU WEBSITE and do a quick search for the following classes:

Civil 3D Plus – Taking Civil 3D to the Next Level
Storm Water Design: What tools to use and when you should use them
Residential Subdivision Grading – Grading Beyond the Roads
Get Your Style On – Stunning Styles in InfraWorks