So, I’ve decided I’ve had enough apologizing for the deficiencies in the default template that ships with Civil 3D and I’m going to fix it. I figured others might have ideas on what they would like to change as well so I’m sending this out to anyone that would like to add to it.

I’m going to modify the _AutoCAD Civil 3D (Imperial) NCS.dwt template that comes with Civil 3D to fix all the things I’ve been complaining about. If you have used it and found things that you don’t like, let me know and perhaps you’ll see a new template with your changes in it.

There are a couple ways you can help. You can simply send me your suggestions by leaving a comment here, you can hit me up on twitter (@c3dplus) with your suggestions, or you can e-mail me your suggestions. Or, if you really want to get involved, I’ve set up a shared document on If you send me your e-mail address (and I don’t think you’re a spammer) I’ll invite you to the document and you can simply add your thoughts there.

I plan on making this an open source file (I’m not going to sell it) so anyone that contributes will know that I’m not making a buck off your efforts.

As far as my e-mail address goes, I have a gmail account that starts with c3dplus (this is an attempt to thwart spammers).