So, I’ve been doing some stuff (geo-referencing some images and creating world files) and I’ve noticed that every time I mouse over the name of the image in the XREF Manager, I get a delay while the image is “loading”. Well, that’s annoying! How do I turn it off? I don’t want to see the image, I just want to right click on the image to detach it so I can attach the next image, and these are some pretty big images and they take a bit for the preview of the image to load.

Well, I discovered this on accident. If you right click in the dialog box (anywhere, just don’t mouse over the image) you get a menu. While in that menu, the preview of the image is disabled. Now, simply right click on the name of the image (while that original menu is still displayed) and you’ll get the menu for the image without waiting for the image to load.

There’s probably a way to disable the image preview in the options but, rather than look around for it, this is working just fine for now!

Sometimes blog posts are nice if they are short and sweet.