November 2010

I love object viewer, I really do. But, if you change the visualization style to Realistic, you get all those damn triangles!

Yeah, that’s REAL realistic there. So, how can you get rid of them? Well, I remember reading somewhere that you can change the display of the triangles to a color that’s close to this or that but, come one, I just don’t want to see them at all!

Well, go into your visual style editor (type VISUALSTYLES at the command line). Select the Realistic style in the top portion:

Now, when you go into your the object viewer and change the visualization style to realistic, you won’t see any of those damn triangles!

Now, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) this setting is saved in each drawing. Changing it once will only change it for that particular drawing so go change it in your template so any new files you create will be set up this way.

See you at AU!


So, for all of you going to Autodesk University, I would like to invite you to join me for my class, CV-422-1 “Revealing AutoCAD® Civil 3D® Data with Descriptive Labels”.  If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you may have noticed that I tend to talk a lot about labels. Well, I’m going to take that expertise to AU this year and do a class on creating fantastic looking labels!

If you do sit in my class, I would love to meet you so make sure you come up afterwards and let me know you read my blog.

If you can’t attend AU this year, I’ll be tweeting about it so if you would like to attend vicariously through twitter, make sure you follow @C3DPlus.

If you run into me at the AUGI Beer Bash, I’ll buy you one of those famous free beers!