If you are still using Civil 3D 2010, perhaps you’ve seen what it is I’m talking about (not sure if this is a C3D issue or an AutoCAD issue):

What The?

Who in their right mind needs to see this much information every time they happen to pause over an XREF? The fix is amazingly simple.

First go into the CUI (type “CUI”) and select the Rollover Tooltips. Since the XREF is an AutoCAD entity, I like to do it under the ACAD CUI file. If you are running C3D, it’s one of the Partial CUIs. If you’re running straight AutoCAD, it’s the enterprise CUI. Under the rollover tooltips, you need to toggle on the External References but, you’ll notice that there is no option there. By default, the CUI doesn’t display all the options all the time so, you have to add it to the list, to do that, select the “Edit Object Type List”.

CUI Editor

That’s all you have to do. Once you exit out, you are good to go. I think that because the XREF option toggled on, it displayed all the properties. Once you toggle it on, it only displays the properties that are checked on. Now, if you want to change what info is displayed, simply go back and toggle what you need on and off.

Much Better

Fortunately, this doesn’t seem to be an issue in 2011.