Sometimes I love tech support. This came into our office today. Want a quick response to a technical support issue? Ask it like this! A tip for you non-Revit folks, a family in Revit is similar to a block in AutoCAD.

Oh, great master of all things Revit…

I hath attempted to sway the favor of thine Revit Gods, only to find myself cast into the valley of consternation.  Oh, great master, I beseech thee to gaze upon the sordid details of mine dysfunctional family…

Mine family hath made offerings to false idols who demand satisfaction.  Yet, mine family of Fire Extinguisher Cabinets hath not made themselves as flexible and useful as both thine Revit Gods and the false idols demand…

The false idol, Fire Marshal, demands that mine family bear witness to maximum travel distance by radius, for all who shalt make a spectacle of the Code Plan.  Yet, the false idol, Project Manager demands that mine family disguise such radius, and shalt not bear witness to those who make a spectacle of the Overall Floor Plan and the Enlarged Floor Plans.

I hath made offerings of Instance visibility to thine Revit Gods, yet they demand I shalt display mine radius in all views or none.

Oh, great master, I beg thee, guide mine family to the light, so that they shalt appease thine Revit Gods and all false idols, in turn.

Oh, great master, I make offering of mine family thine grace, so that thou shalt enlighten mine family in the ways of thine Revit Gods.

I pray thou shalt find favor upon me and mine family in this time of darkness.

Your most humble servant,

And certified lunatic,


edit – the response of our Revit guru (the other Brian, not me) and then John’s final response

Oh thy humble servant,

Why do you exhaust time pondering the solution of thoughts already known?  This light hath been observed in the past by oneself many times.  Thy answer is simple, “Subcategory”.  Thy radius can be delegated to a code subcategory (matching the steps created in the footprint family done in the past) so that thy subcategory can be turned off in the false god views thus pleasing all involved.

Your Great Master


Oh, great master of all things Revit,

Thine humble servant is most grateful for thine tidings of benevolent enlightenment.

As thou hast exercised mine memory of thine previous enlightenment, thine humble servant shalt now return to mine task master, and shalt submit mine self for a most thorough flogging.  I am most grieved for the imposition upon thine grace for such a trivial matter.  I most fervently beg your mercy and shalt most hastily retreat from your presence.

I make offerings of gratitude, many thousands of times over, and pray most solemnly for the blessings of thine Revit Gods upon you.

Your most humble servant.

(many genuflections)