The Being Civil guys wrote THIS article about a year ago explaining how to turn off Clear Type fonts in Windows. Well, that doesn’t exactly work in Windows 7. Read on to find out how to make the change in Windows 7.

So, what is ClearType and why should I care? Well, in the following image of the text component editor for a label style, you can see what the difference is. In the top, it’s turned on and in the bottom, it’s turned off.

Text Component Editor with ClearType On and Aff

To make this change in Windows 7 (for other versions, refer to the Being Civil article), click on the start menu and type “cttune.exe”. This will find the executable used to tune your ClearType settings.

In the wizard that comes up after running the .exe file, the first thing you’ll want to do is uncheck “Turn on ClearType”.

Uncheck this to turn off ClearType

On the pages that follow after this, I don’t think it matters what you select as you have already turned off the ClearType option. (Note: I could be totally wrong about that but in the little bit of testing I did, it didn’t seem to matter. If you know otherwise, please feel free to correct me.) Just follow through the prompts and answer the questions until you reach the end of the wizard.

Now when you go into the text component editor for your label styles, your text will be clear as a bell!