April 2010

A while back, Autodesk purchased the software company Boss Intl. This purchase was made to up the ante on the H&H tools available for it’s customers. Today, the first fruits of this acquisition are made available for Autodesk customers. If you have Civil 3D or Map 3D 20102011, and you are on subscription, you can download the Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis 2011 Extension from the subscription website.

Now, what follows is purely speculative on my part. This is most likely, just the first thing we will see from this acquisition. Boss is a big time player in not just storm and sewer analysis, but also in water distribution analysis and river analysis. Just like when Autodesk purchased Intellisolve and we got the Hydraflow tools, expect this to eventually be a part of the program and, I suspect, to be integrated more and more into it.


The Being Civil guys wrote THIS article about a year ago explaining how to turn off Clear Type fonts in Windows. Well, that doesn’t exactly work in Windows 7. Read on to find out how to make the change in Windows 7. (more…)

Civil 3D is used around the world for some pretty amazing projects but, when you think of Civil 3D projects, you think of roads and land development. Dana Probert with Autodesk has shown some pretty cool things that Civil 3D can do but recently I ran across someone that is really thinking outside the box. Read on for more. (more…)

As I’m sure most of you know, today is 4/20 and the number 420 has certain meaning in certain walks of life. Now, I’m not going to comment on the legality of marijuana but I did find something the pertains to engineering on this topic.

I-70, the major east-west corridor through Colorado is close to 450 miles long. This means that somewhere along the highway (out near Kansas) there should be a mile marker 420 but there isn’t. As you travel along, you’ll see mile marker 419 and mile marker 421 but no mile marker 420. Why? Well, I can only assume that CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation) has had issues with that particular mile marker disappearing. You will, however see a mile marker 419.9! One of these days, I’m going to pull over and put a little line over the 9 to indicate it is a repeating number as 419.999… is exactly the same as 420.

p.s. On the same highway, there is also a mile marker 68.9…

So, Friday I was teaching a class on creating styles in Civil 3D. I was showing off how to set up profile vertical curve labels so that when they run off the profile view, they still display correctly. My student asked if it’s possible to have a double arrow when the start or end of the curve is off the profile view. Well, I wasn’t sure how to go about this but, I figured it out. Read on to find out how to do this. (more…)

Well, by now you should know that Civil 3D 2011 is due to be released in the next few weeks. This can be a trying time for some people. Some folks embrace change, some fight it. I just recently read an article on dealing with change in your work environment. It deals more about those BIG changes like relocating, getting passed up on a promotion, restructuring of your organization but, I think what the author says can also pertain to those smaller changes like getting a new version of software installed on your system.

If you are interested, you can read the article HERE. It’s not very long. It took me longer to write this post then it did to read it but there is some great info there.