For those of you in the transportation realm, this is really awesome news. Don’t you just hate how difficult it is to deal with setting all the superelevation parameters.  Well, setting them isn’t that difficult but, if you need to change them, well that’s a royal pain.  In 2011, there are new tools that will make your life a lot easier.  Read on to find out more.

Civil 3D 2009 introduced the Design Criteria tools for alignments and profiles.  You can use these to help you generate your critical superelevation points.  This was a great step forward but it was still lacking a bit, the only way to edit them was through the table.  Personally, I would much rather edit something graphically.  Well, in 2011, you can create a superelevation diagram in your drawing that shows you the cross slopes along the alignment.  The best part of it is not only can you see the cross slopes and the stationing where they transition but you can also graphically edit them!

You continue to use your design criteria to determine the initial placement of your superelevation points but, once they are created, you can use the grips as shown in the previous image to change the stationing of the critical stations as well as the cross slopes in the curve.  There are also some new wizards that will assist you in determining the locations of these points.  You can watch a video by Desker Karen Weiss HERE.

Looks so simple, it almost makes me want to go to work for CDOT!

Continue to watch here for more new features.