One thing that has always just kind of annoyed me when it comes to corridors is they are very difficult to organize.  In particular, which subassembly do I choose when it comes time to set my targets.  I’ve always renamed the subassembly groups but you have to remember to do this.  If you forget and you go to set your targets, well, it’s very difficult to tell which one is on the left and which is on the right.  In class yesterday, I came across a much easier way to do this.  Read on to find out more.

So once again the teacher is taught by his students.  I’m teaching a class for a company that has C3D all set up with their own template.  I’m showing the class how to create assemblies and subassemblies using their template.  At this point I show them where to rename the subassembly groups with the side they are on and, low and behold, in the subassemblies name, it says which side they are on!  How cool is that?  In the following image, what I expect to see is on the left and what I see is on the right:

How was this done?  Surprisingly easy.  The default name template was changed to add the side to the name.  In the settings tab, right click on Subassembly and choose, “Edit Feature Settings…”.  In the feature settings, expand out Subassembly Name Templates and edit them.  What you’ll want to do is add the Subassembly Side to the name template and your done.  Do this in your template and any new drawing created using this template will have side included in the name.

Don’t just stop there though.  Investigate some of the other name templates and see if it makes sense to add anything else to them.  Have one you already do?  Leave a comment here and let the world know about it.