March 2010

I love data shortcuts but one thing that’s always annoyed me is that in order for them to work well, you need to have all your projects in the same directory.  Many of the people I work with group their projects by client.  For example, their server might be something along the lines of p:/client number/project number.  Data shortcuts in this environment don’t work all that well because in order to work on a different project, I have to change the working folder (client number) and the data shortcut folder (project number).  Read on to find out how Civil 3D 2011 handles this. (more…)


For those of you in the transportation realm, this is really awesome news. Don’t you just hate how difficult it is to deal with setting all the superelevation parameters.  Well, setting them isn’t that difficult but, if you need to change them, well that’s a royal pain.  In 2011, there are new tools that will make your life a lot easier.  Read on to find out more. (more…)

Well, if you’ve been online at all today and you are reading this blog, then you probably already know that we can talk about the new things in Civil 3D 2011.  This is one of my favorite days of the year!  It ranks right up there with Christmas and Weasel Stomping Day!  So, in my opinion, what’s the best thing in Civil 3D 2011? Well, I’m happy to say that it is finally a 64-bit program! That’s right mom, it’s a 64-bit program (my mom is probably the only person that reads my blog that doesn’t already know this).

Watch my blog for the next few days as I get a little deeper into some of the new thing in the upcoming release.  As for when it will be released?  Look for it in mid to late April.

For more information on the 2011 release, check out the Autodesk website.

For the longest time, I’ve been telling people that Civil 3D labels will always scale.  When they ask if you can create a label where the text doesn’t scale (not sure why you would want that but that’s beside the point) I’ve always replied no, C3D labels always scale.  Well, today I got to thinking about it and I’ve come up with a way to make the text in your labels always be the same size in your drawing and not scale up and down to a constant plotting height.  Read on to find out how. (more…)

It always seems like there’s something you can’t do in Civil 3D that you used to be able to do.  For example, if my contours get really close together, i.e. the surface is steep, I would like to use a different contour interval for that area.  In Civil 3D, you can’t specify a different contour interval for different slope ranges but, if you understand how the program works, you can accomplish pretty much the same thing.  Read on for more information. (more…)

One of my favorite drives in Colorado has always been through Glenwood Canyon down Interstate 70.  Not only is the scenery absolutely stunning, the Colorado River magnificent, but as an engineer, the design of the 12.5 miles of highway made up of bridges, viaducts, and tunnels truly is a modern marvel.  Earlier this week (Monday, March 8th 2010) a rock slide closed the highway.  This rock slide not only put debris on the roadway, it also punched holes through the bridge decking.  The Denver Post has some magnificent pictures of the damage and the cleanup work.  Check them out HERE.

One thing that has always just kind of annoyed me when it comes to corridors is they are very difficult to organize.  In particular, which subassembly do I choose when it comes time to set my targets.  I’ve always renamed the subassembly groups but you have to remember to do this.  If you forget and you go to set your targets, well, it’s very difficult to tell which one is on the left and which is on the right.  In class yesterday, I came across a much easier way to do this.  Read on to find out more. (more…)