A while back I was getting ready to do a demo for one of our clients and I wanted to show off the corridor section editor.  Well, as I was preparing it, I kept getting these HUGE markers in my section editor.  I ended up not showing it off because I didn’t know what was causing these markers.  Well, thanks to Ken on the discussion group, I now know the culprit.  Read on to find out.

This is what I was seeing when I was getting ready for my demo:

Giant Section Editor Markers

It turns out the culprit is the feature lines from the corridor model.  The template that ships with Civil 3D has the feature lines using a marker style that shows up in the section editor.  There are a couple options to change this.

Just Turn It Off

First of all, you can just turn it off.  The reason these markers are displaying is that the section editor is set to display all the things near that section that have a section display property.  Well, the feature lines have this property so they are being displayed.  To turn this off, go to the settings tab of the your toolspace, expand out Corridor->Command Settings and right click on ViewEditCorridorSection and choose Edit Command Settings.  Expand out View/Edit Options and you’ll see a setting for Turn Off Unassociated Layers.  Set this to “yes” and you’ll no longer see the markers.  What does this setting do?  Down in the information section of the dialog box, it tells you that this setting, “Specifies to turn off layers of all objects unassociated to corridors or surfaces”.

Change the Feature Lines

The next option is to edit the feature lines.  You’ll have to do this for each feature line style used by your codeset style.  There are several ways of accessing the feature line styles.  I prefer going directly through the settings tab of the Toolspace.  The feature line styles are found under General->Multipurpose Styles->Feature Line Styles.  Right click on the feature line you want to change and click Edit (or you could simply double click it).  In the feature line style editor, choose the Section tab and change the Crossing Marker Style to something other then Projection in Section.

Edit the Offending Marker Style

Finally, you can just edit the style that is causing all the issues in the first place.  The offending style is the marker style, “Projection in Section”.  This style is also found under the Multipurpose Styles.  The problem with this style is the size setting.  Most of the other markers used in the code sets are set to a specific size (0.1′ typically).  The Projection in Section style has the size set to use the drawing scale and has a size of 0.2″.

This is pretty big relative to everything else in the section editor.  Simply change this to a more reasonable value, such as 0.1′ and your section editor will be much easier to work in.  Note, you might have to do a regen after changing the style before your drawing display changes.

Hopefully one of these methods will get you back into happy corridor section editor land!