So, there are some changes coming to the Civil 3D world.  In the next release, there will only be one program and no longer two.  Returning with the 2011 release, you will no longer be able to purchase AutoCAD Civil any longer.  Want to learn what this means to you?  Well, read on…

So, what does this mean to those of you that already have AutoCAD Civil (aka not Civil 3D)?  Well, when 2011 comes out, you will receive AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011.  In other words, you are receiving a free upgrade to AutoCAD Civil 3D.  Pretty cool right?  No extra fee and you get Civil 3D for the price of Civil.  Well, there is a little bit of an extra fee, if you want to stay on subscription you’ll have to purchase the Civil 3D subscription which is a bit more expensive then the Civil subscription.  If you have any lapsed Civil subscription, now would be an ideal time to reinstate them as they will be upgraded to Civil 3D.

What about those of you on Civil 3D?  Well, nothing changes for you sorry.

Let’s see now, how can someone take advantage of this?  Well, if you are planning on purchasing a new version of Civil 3D, now would be a great time to do it.  If you purchase AutoCAD Civil, you’ll get Civil 3D for the price of Civil.  Now, they are going to be lowering the price of Civil 3D but what that price will be, I don’t know yet.  My guess (and I truly don’t know so this is just a guess) is that it will still cost more then AutoCAD Civil.  It makes sense, they are getting rid of Civil and lowering the price on Civil 3D, how about meet somewhere in the middle?

If you have any questions about the new pricing or products that will be available, talk to your reseller or leave a message here and I’ll try to answer any questions I can.  If you are looking for a new reseller, check out CAD-1, the company I work for.  I know I’m biased but CAD-1 is a great company to work with and besides, I have to look out for my best interests and I have three growing boys that have to eat.