February 2010

Is Windows 7 all it’s cracked up to be?  Well, recently I taught a Civil 3D class in Windows 7 64 bit and then, shortly after that, taught Civil 3D on the same computers using Windows XP 32 bit.  Want to see my take on the difference?  Well, read on. (more…)


Over my many years of reading the discussion groups, I constantly see posts on how to recreate a legal description in Civil 3D.  Most of the time, the people answering suggest the line and curve tools or transparent commands or object snaps or some combination thereof.  Well, how about using the tools in Civil 3D to recreate it directly?  Keep reading to find out how. (more…)

A while back I was getting ready to do a demo for one of our clients and I wanted to show off the corridor section editor.  Well, as I was preparing it, I kept getting these HUGE markers in my section editor.  I ended up not showing it off because I didn’t know what was causing these markers.  Well, thanks to Ken on the discussion group, I now know the culprit.  Read on to find out. (more…)

Are you on subscription?  Are you eagerly awaiting the next version of your Autodesk program?  Well, now you have a couple options on how you want your new software to be delivered to you.  Keep reading to find out more: (more…)

Now, I’m not a big fan of the way Civil 3D handles contour labels, I think there are some alternatives that might work a bit better but, I don’t have much say in that so I’ve learned to handle what I’ve got.  When I’m showing contour labels in my classes, inevitably, someone asks, “Do those lines plot?”  Well, read on and I’ll explain to you what I explain to my students. (more…)

So, there are some changes coming to the Civil 3D world.  In the next release, there will only be one program and no longer two.  Returning with the 2011 release, you will no longer be able to purchase AutoCAD Civil any longer.  Want to learn what this means to you?  Well, read on… (more…)

So, you’ve heard that there is a lot of free data that you can use in your GIS software.  Well, some of that free data, you can also use in Civil 3D.  Civil 3D is built on top of MAP so all that free GIS data, you can use as GIS data in Civil 3D.  But, I don’t want to use it as GIS data, I want it to be Civil 3D data!  Well, if you have a DEM (Digital Elevation Model), you can add that to a surface and away you go!  Follow the link to find out more.