So, a few days ago on the Autodesk discussion group, someone wanted to be able to have a structure in a pipe network be able to label the station and offset of two different alignments.  How is this done?  Well, add a piece of reference text to the label and away you go!

Probably the easiest way to start this is to copy the style the rest of your structures are using and then apply this style to the structures you want to reference multiple alignments.  I like to do this through the settings tab but there are many different ways to do this.  In this example, I’m going to select one of the pipe labels (structure – (3)) and, on the ribbon, choose Edit Label Style.  When you have an object selected and choose Edit Style, it will take you right to the style but, if you have a label selected, it will bring up the Choose Label and it will default to the style of the label that was selected.  In pulldown to the right of the list of styles, choose Copy Current Selection.  Note: this image is a composite of several different steps all in one.

This will create a new style exactly the same as the original except for the name.  Go to the information tab and rename it to an appropriate name.  Next go to the Layout tab.  This is where we are going to create the reference to the other alignment.  A quick explanation or label layout; you can create multiple different types of things to go into the label, these are called components.  The components can be text, lines, and blocks among other things.  One of these other things is reference text.

This new component will have all the same properties and behaviors as if this was an alignment label.  Place the component within the label just as you would any other text component and have display however you like.  When you add the label to your structure, you will be prompted for which alignment you want the reference component to reference.

Hope this is helpful for you all!