In class I often like to show off how ridiculous the as composed setting is for the dragged state of labels but, I just discovered something pretty cool.  You can drag a point label, have it stay As Composed, and be left or right justified.  More after the jump.

Here’s the goal.  In the following image, I have three points, all set to the same exact label style and all in the dragged state, and the style is set to As Composed.  So how come the two that are dragged to the left of the point look so different?

Well, this is a two step process.  First, the style has to be set up correctly.  In order to do this, you must go to the label style, on the general tab and toggle on Flip Labels with Text.

So, what does this do?  Well, when you have a label component that flips to become plan readable, the anchors flip too.  The anchors are those nine points you can attach other things to, you know like Top Right, Bottom Center, Middle Left, etc.  Well, if you rotate a point and the label rotates with it, what happens to those anchors when the label flips?  If this is set to false, then Top Left will end up down at the Bottom Right of the text.  If it’s set to true,Top Left will always be Top Left.  In the following image, I’ve create two different point label styles.  I’ve created a basic text component and then attached nine text component to it, one at each anchor.  The points on the left have been rotated 180 degrees.  The only difference between the labels for the top points and the bottom points is the value for Flip Anchors with Text.  For the top two points, the “1” is always top left because the flip is set to true.  In the bottom, the “1” is always relative to what the label would be if it didn’t flip.

Also, the label has to have Plan Readable to true and Orientation Reference to Object.

The next step is pretty easy, just rotate your point 180 degrees!  Even though the label is in the dragged state, it will rotate along with the point because that is what is referencing for it’s orientation.  Now, I know this won’t work for all point but, if you have a point that is symetrical (i.e. looks the same right side up and upside down) then this will work just great!